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Hualien Wow Youth Hostel 洄瀾窩青年旅舍

2016-12-30 15:38:56 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

If you are after a budget hostel in Hualien that offers unbeatable location, the stylish Wow Youth Hostel located two minutes away from Hualien Train Station will be your best option. Convert...... [閱讀更多]

Top 10 Mountains to Climb in Taiwan

2016-05-26 12:53:01 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Home to Northeast Asia』s tallest summit, Taiwan is a mountainous country where 70% of the landmass is occupied by mountains, making it a paradise for hikers and nature lovers alike. There are m...... [閱讀更多]

Top 10 Adventure Activities in Taiwan

2016-05-18 13:11:42 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Adrenaline junkies sure know how to have a good time, and Taiwan happens to offer adventure experiences that are as diverse as its landscapes whether that』s on land, in the sky above, or in the...... [閱讀更多]

How to Spend Chinese New Year in Taiwan

2016-01-17 18:14:49 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Chinese New Year is the most important time of the year for Taiwanese people. Taking place from the last to the fifth day of the lunar calendar, it tends to fall in late January/early Febr...... [閱讀更多]

Taiwan』s Top 10 Cherry Blossom Destinations

2016-01-11 15:14:47 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

March and April are Japan』s peak seasons for tourism. At this time, air tickets and hotel prices are at least double. Why? Because Japan』s national flower, the cherry blossom, is in bloom. But ...... [閱讀更多]

Taiwan』s Top 10 Hot Springs

2016-01-03 22:45:41 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Apart from night markets, hot springs in Taiwan are the must-see for many visitors. Hot springs are loved not only for their novelty, but also for their therapeutic benefits, as they provide re...... [閱讀更多]

Top 10 Winter-Warmer Hot Pots in Taiwan

2015-12-28 16:41:59 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Even though the south of Taiwan has a tropical monsoon climate and the north is subtropical, winter in Taiwan can still feel mighty cold. And while there is no doubt that winters in Taiwan are ...... [閱讀更多]

How to Celebrate New Year in Taiwan

2015-12-21 20:35:18 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Named by CNN as one of the top ten New Year』s Eve destinations in the world, Taiwan is a great place to welcome in the New Year.  Here are some evening and morning options for you to make ...... [閱讀更多]

Taiwan』s Top 10 Museums

2015-12-16 20:00:27 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Certainly if you are heading to Europe, the great museums of Paris, London or Berlin will be first on your to-do list. But if you are coming to Taiwan, museums might not be the first thing that...... [閱讀更多]

Taiwan』s Top 10 Temples

2015-12-12 20:00:00 by roundTAIWANround @ roundTAIWANround [引用來源]

Religion in Taiwan is rich in diversity and history and is a key part in the lives of many Taiwanese people. Indeed, some say that the Taiwanese don』t just follow religion, but actually 「live」 ...... [閱讀更多]